Emptying out my spam folder and saw an email from Tumblr and was like oh shit Tumblr!!!! …….. sorry, nostalgia smacked me in the face for a fe minutes, just ignore me I’ve been gone for almost a year lol

sykesation replied to your post: *awkwardly waves*

awww :( it’s so sad to see you leave! :( i’m really happy for you though with your university offer! well done. i’ll miss you!

oh my thank you :( I’m seriously gonna miss you too and everyone I’ve managed to even slightly get to know on here! You’re all crazy and I luv ye! :’) 

*awkwardly waves*

why hello there! I just disappeared for like 3 weeks didn’t I?!

hum well yeah I’m not really into Tumblr anymore so I just found myself bored and stop coming on here (and not so fangirly over the wanted anymore umm hmm) 

Well this post doesn’t really have too much of a point except to say that I probably won’t be on here anymore, and I won’t be doing anymore writing which is fanfics and imagines etc because tbh I just can’t sit down and write anything anymore …… fun while it lasted I guess?! :/

I’ve got a bunch of messages in my inbox and I’ll look at them tomorrow but I’ve no clue how long some of them have been there so sorry about that.

But, even though none of you actually care I got an offer from a university today and looks like little old me’s actually about to start becoming adult ahah (sighs deeply) 

but yeah, I’m sorry for just putting an end to everything like that but that’s just how things go! 

I won’t delete this blog though, so if anyone cares to read my stuff it’s not going anywhere but It’s unlikely I’ll really ever update anything, unless in like a few months I get bored again and check in >_< but anyway it’s just bye … I guess?